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Clarkdale, Arizona

Located in the heart of the Verde Valley

Clarkdale Arizona Snapshot

Clarkdale Arizona is a little town located in Yavapai County in the heart of the Verde Valley between Jerome and Sedona.

Formerly a mining town, Clarkdale, AZ, is now known for its charming small-town atmosphere. It is now primarily a retirement community mainly dedicated to the arts. The town center is quaint and lovely, with various shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

Clarkdale also offers a variety of recreational activities. The pleasant climate and stunning views make it ideal for biking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. There are also numerous organized activities, including an outdoor market in the summer and live music events.

Attractions in Clarkdale Arizona

Clarkdale has so much to offer visitors looking to explore the beauty and history of the region. Stroll through the historic district, take a ride on the scenic Verde Canyon Railroad, and visit museums and monuments.

Things to Do

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is a scenic railroad that travels through the Verde Valley in central Arizona from Clarkdale to Perkinsville. The railroad is noted for its scenery and long-running nature show, which features a variety of wildlife and views of the Verde Canyon and the Verde River. It is a four-hour tour, and passengers can enjoy the scenery from open-air observation cars or climate-controlled coaches.

The railroad also offers special events like moonlight dinners and wine-tasting tours. It is a beautiful way to explore the Verde Valley and its natural beauty.

Clark Memorial Clubhouse - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts
Clark Memorial Clubhouse - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

Clark Memorial Clubhouse

The Clark Memorial Clubhouse National historic site was established in 1926 by the local citizens of Clarkdale to honor the memory of their beloved founder, William Clark.

The clubhouse is a two-story adobe structure surrounded by mature mesquite trees, providing a majestic view of the Verde Valley. It is also home to many historical artifacts and documents that tell the story of the early settlers of Clarkdale. Visitors can tour the clubhouse and learn about its history, as well as participate in various activities such as arts and crafts workshops, potluck dinners, musical performances, and more. The club also hosts annual special events to celebrate William Clark’s legacy.

Clarkdale Historic District

Clarkdale is known for its historic district along its main street. It is a beautiful area in the heart of downtown Clarkdale. It is home to some of the most well-preserved historic buildings dating back to the early 1900s, including the Clarkdale Town Hall and the Old Clark Memorial Library. The library is open to visitors who can explore its exhibits depicting the town’s history and various monuments and landmarks or admire its architecture.

The district is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The district has plenty of restaurants, shops, and galleries, and it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening.

The historic district was formally recognized as a landmark in the ’90s when it was admitted to the National Register of Historic Places.

Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum

The Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum preserves the history of Clarkdale, Arizona. It is housed in an old clinic built for the 1918 influenza pandemic. The museum is open to the public and offers exhibits on the history of the town and local art. Visitors can explore the museum’s collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the history of Clarkdale.

They also offer tours of the town’s historic buildings and host various events throughout the year, including lectures, workshops, and family activities.

Arizona Copper Art Museum - Water Kettles - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts
Arizona Copper Art Museum - Water Kettles - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

Arizona Copper Art Museum

Clarkdale was initially founded as a copper mining town in 1912 by William A. Clark. Clarkdale served as a home base for the United Verde Copper Company employees, a mining company in nearby Jerome, Arizona. It was the largest copper producer in the state and one of the largest in the country.

Today, Clarkdale is home to the Arizona Copper Art Museum, where you can learn all about the art and history of copper mining and copper production in the area. The museum features a variety of exhibits, including artifacts from the town’s mining past, and offers regular educational programs.

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument is a must-see for history buffs. The monument is an ancient pueblo inhabited by the Sinagua people, who lived in the Verde Valley from around 1200 to 1400 AD.

Tuzigoot National Monument is a beautiful and exciting place to visit. Secluded in the foothills of central Arizona, Tuzigoot National Monument showcases well-preserved ancient dwellings atop a small grassy knoll. The monument comprises about 100 rooms; visitors can walk through it to see how the Sinagua people lived. Tuzigoot is also home to some fantastic cliff dwellings that are worth seeing.

The site lies on land donated to the National Park Service by Phelps Dodge Corporation and has since become an area of solace for many hikers and picnickers looking to get away from city life.

Tuzigoot National Monument
Tuzigoot National Monument - Pueblo Ruin

Outdoor Recreation in Clarkdale

Clarkdale is surrounded by abundant natural beauty and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Float along the Verde River at Clarkdale River Access Points.

Popular Outdoor Activities

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Located just a short distance away from Clarkdale, in the Coconino National Forest in nearby Cottonwood, lies Dead Horse Ranch State Park. It is a beautiful place to visit, with plenty of things to do, such as hiking, biking, camping, and fishing. The park is also home to various wildlife, including deer, coyotes, and bald eagles.

In addition, the park has several different trails that offer incredible views of the surrounding area. Visitors can also take a guided tour, taking them to some of the most scenic spots in the park. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, plenty of picnic areas and pavilions are available for visitors to enjoy.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is an excellent place for anyone looking to get away from it all and take in the beauty of nature.

Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

The Verde River in the Verde Valley

The Verde River is a beautiful and important part of Arizona. It flows through the Verde Valley and is known for its clear water and stunning scenery. You can do many activities on the river, such as fishing, swimming, and kayaking. There are also plenty of hiking trails that you can explore, which will give you the perfect backdrop for a day in nature.

The Verde River is also home to various wildlife, such as deer, coyotes, beavers, and other animals.

Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

Festivals and Events

If you’re a fan of festivals and events, you’ll love Clarkdale! The town hosts the Verde Valley Wine Festival, the Annual Car Show, and the Clarkdale Music Festival every year. Each festival offers something unique, from entertainment to food and drinks, to arts and crafts. It also offers free concerts in the park in Clarkdale throughout the summer. Visitors can enjoy live music, participate in workshops and activities, and sample the local cuisine.

Other events include holiday celebrations like the Fourth of July Parade, a Christmas Parade, Cinco de Mayo festivities, and the Halloween-themed “Spooktacular” train ride in October.

No matter what time of year, there’s always something fun to do in Clarkdale!

Clarkdale Car Show Arizona Annual Events - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts
Clarkdale Car Show - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

Shopping and Dining

Clarkdale has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars, so you’re sure to find something to your taste.

The downtown area is full of shops and boutiques where you can find unique gifts and souvenirs.
The historic district is home to various antique stores offering one-of-a-kind items.

For those looking for more traditional shopping experiences, there are plenty of malls and retail centers in the area and several big box retailers.

On the weekends, you can visit the nearby farmers market for fresh produce and handmade items.
If you’re looking for a night out on the town, there are plenty of live music venues and pubs to choose from.

With such a variety of options, it’s no wonder Clarkdale is one of the region’s most popular destinations for shopping and dining.

Lodging in Clarkdale, Arizona

There are many places to stay in Clarkdale, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and RV parks. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various lodging options.

Places to Stay

Park Hotel in Clarkdale - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts
Park Hotel in Clarkdale - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts


There are several hotels in Clarkdale that offer comfortable accommodations for guests. From budget-friendly rooms to luxury suites, there is something to fit everyone’s needs and preferences.

Bed and Breakfasts

For those looking for a more intimate experience, there are several bed and breakfasts in Clarkdale. These charming establishments provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere full of cozy furnishings, delicious breakfasts, and friendly staff.

Camping Clarkdale Arizona - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts
Camping in Clarkdale - Photo Credit Ellen Jo Roberts

RV Parks and Camping

The city offers many options for camping and recreational vehicle park lodging for those traveling with an RV. With plenty of space to park, these parks provide laundry facilities, showers, and other services for guests.

No matter what your needs may be when visiting Clarkdale, you will surely find the perfect place to stay during your trip.